Radish Client Referral Program

At Radish we believe in working with people we genuinely like, on ideas that have real impact. Through these relationships with trusted clients and colleagues, Radish has been fortunate enough to grow and work on some pretty amazing projects over the years. Now we want to reward the change-catalyzing folks we know and work with, and also connect with new clients. Introducing the Radish Client Referral Program.

For any project or client lead you introduce to us that results in a signed contract with a value of over $10K, you’ll get $500 once the contract is signed and a deposit from the client has been received. For contracts over $60k, you will receive a total of 2% of the contract value, with $500 to be paid upon receipt of contract deposit, and the 2% payouts to be calculated and paid every quarter -- not too shabby!

If you’re an existing client who spreads the love and connects us to new business, we will offer long-term discounts on hourly rates.

Who should I send to you?

Working with clients all over the world, Radish Lab is interested in people and organizations committed to making people’s lives better, whether that’s through cultural experiences, educational opportunities, non-profit work, or just being a great social business.

How should I make referrals?

Email with the subject “Radish Client Referral” and let us know you’ve got a referral for us. We’ll enter you and the lead into our system and then leave it up to you to make the introduction for us however you’d like.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

  1. This opportunity excludes recruiters or third-party platforms.
  2. The $500 payments will be made within 30 days of a signed contract and the 2% payouts will be calculated and paid every quarter. These payments will be made via the Justworks platform and may be taxable. It is up to the referrer to review the tax laws of their home country or state and file accordingly. These payment could be seen as income, however, Radish Lab will not be responsible for issuing tax slips.You will be required to sign up for Justworks if you’re not already on our platform.
  3. Payouts apply only to the first contract signed with any client. Subsequent contracts are not eligible.
  4. If you are employee of Radish Lab, any project acquired through business development channels or workflow is not eligible for this program.
  5. Radish Lab reserves the right to terminate referral payments if we believe the receiver of those payments is in conflict with our core values and moral standards.
  6. Radish Lab reserves the right at its sole discretion to change or withdraw the Radish Client Referral Program at any time, without notice to its participants.