We’re Certifiably Crazy About NationBuilder


We’re delighted to announce that Radish Lab is now a certified Nationbuilder Architect. We’ve been offering NationBuilder as a platform to our customers for the last year, but getting the official seal of approval amplifies our commitment to offering solutions for community based websites. Since NationBuilder is much more than just a hybrid website system and CRM platform, we’ve highlighted a few of the features from the platform that we think make it a great recommendation for action-oriented organizations.

  • Community management at its core. NationBuilder’s integrated CRM tools give powerful insights into your community, including support profiles, engagement history, and involvement in fundraising efforts.
  • A communication hub for email and social media. With unified service for your organization's email and social communications, keeping track of your engagement on both a macro and micro level couldn’t be easier.
  • Hyper-personalized communications. Using tags, filters, and integrated channels to correspond with people in a targeted way powers peer-to-peer outreach and fundraising with no transaction fees.
  • Donation and recurring membership transactions. By connecting to a major payment gateway, NationBuilder offers an out-of-the-box donation and membership solution. This removes the costly and sometimes complicated steps of setting up your own system for financial transactions.
  • A unified data picture. NationBuilder comes with tools for planning, tracking, and analyzing large campaigns and movements for local action. All data is shared across your organization and integrated as a whole. This allows for real-time engagement and better tracking of high-level goals, as well as specific user progress along different paths.
  • The price is right. Once we’ve designed and built your website, NationBuilder offers affordable monthly fees. Their model of only charging you for what you need allows you to grow into the platform as your community grows. At the low end, NationBuilder will only cost you $20 per month for up to 2,000 constituents and 200 email subscribers.

Looking for a community focused website? Let us know.