American Cancer Society

Fighting against the tobacco industry with a compelling publication

Illustration of a pack of cigarettes with tentacles

Presenting the facts about tobacco in a way that can't be ignored.

Every year tobacco takes millions of lives and costs trillions of dollars globally. In an effort to raise awareness and influence public policy, every few years The American Cancer Society (ACS) publishes the Tobacco Atlas. This report outlines the effects of tobacco on everything from health to politics and corporate behavior.

While the previous editions of the Tobacco Atlas have been well received, at times, the data in the book could be excessively dense and overwhelming for readers.

The ACS trusted us to design a new companion website along with the print edition, with the objective of providing a more accessible and engaging experience for their readers.

Crafting an engaging visual narrative that educates

Through collaboration with the ACS and their partner, Vital Strategies, we transformed complex data into a captivating story.

We commissioned Daniel Stolle to create illustrations in a beautiful visual language that speaks to the seriousness of the subject matter, while also serving as a guide for users through key issues and solutions regarding tobacco.

    The print edition illustrates the most poignant data, while the companion website offers supplemental research, as well as graphs and data that are kept up-to-date by the ACS team.

      Makes complex research accessible and easy to understand and paints a clear picture of the facts through story and illustration.

      Creating an interactive journey for broad exposure

      With an online platform, ACS can now deliver their message to more audiences, in a way that involves the reader.

      The same narrative structure and powerful illustrations used in the print edition were carried over to the digital version, and the addition of interactive elements drives user engagement. Users can navigate easily through the site’s intuitive hierarchy to find out more.

      Anyone can understand the message. Not just industry professionals.

      The old static maps are now dynamic so users can easily interact with them. We built a tool and trained ACS staff to create these dynamic visuals without our assistance.

      Navigation is not only intuitive, but compelling. Carefully placed CTAs draw action while intentional UX guides users through key data points and encourages thoughtful engagement with the message.

      The site was implemented in six languages to expand beyond the English-speaking market.

      Implementation and support

      We continue to tweak the website, optimize the pages for search, and iron out small glitches for the ACS. We made a tool to create dynamic data visualizations. Staff were trained on how to use this tool and upload new languages to the website.

      The process


      Understanding the data.


      Making the data understandable through story and design.


      Combining story with interactive visuals. Crafting a powerful narrative and accessible web experience.


      Providing on-going support with website optimizations.
      Our monthly search meetings with Radish allow us to take a step back, think big picture and move beyond what’s up, what’s down to focus on true goals and objectives.
      Radish Lab has been a trusted partner in helping us reimagine a new digital home and approach for engaging our partners and audiences in the story of the Foundation’s work and impact.
      The Clinton Foundation
      For us, Radish’s biggest strength is their strategic advice. [...] They don’t just dive in to make something look nice. They force you to think about audiences, purpose, usability – and for that we are very grateful.
      International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance
      The site is beautiful and functions so well. We are very excited to share this product with our partners and have a site that demonstrates how we are evolving and expanding our work. [...] You have made this experience so seamless, painless, and enjoyable for us.
      BRAC Ultra Poor Graduation Initiative
      What was really impressive was their willingness to stand behind their creative vision, which is really what we were paying them for. They did more than offer technical expertise or put up a website; they gave us guidance on how to best demonstrate our strengths to the world.
      Enodo Rights
      They foster good communication and make sure both teams are on the same page. Their support makes it much easier for us to make informed decisions.
      National Alliance of State & Territorial AIDS Directors (NASTAD)
      Their exceptional communicative style made this project run more smoothly than I've experienced with other vendors; they were open, honest, and clear, which are incredibly beneficial to the successful execution of a project.
      Climate Central
      Radish Lab takes an amazing, holistic approach to client work. They were extremely adept at helping us develop our vision for the site, keeping to our established schedule, and finding creative solutions for any obstacles that arose. They are highly talented, motivated, and exceptionally personable.
      Family Online Safety Institute
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