Accountability Framework Initiative

Distilling dense information into an easy-to-access digital experience

The Accountability Framework Initiative (AFi) aims to build a common approach to ethical supply chain development, monitoring, and management.

Centered around two main bodies of content, the Core Principles and Operational Guidances, the client was looking for a way to present these content-heavy documents into an easy-to-access digital experience that would resonate with individual actors all the way up to large-scale multinational organizations.

We developed a site information architecture that allowed the the contents of the initiative to shine independently while also working in tandem with each other, meeting the user where they were in their learning and implementation process.

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Information Architecture, SEO, User Experience, User Interface Design, Web Development
Studio Monograph
AFi homepage featured on laptop screen outline
What was really impressive was their willingness to stand behind their creative vision, which is really what we were paying them for. They did more than offer technical expertise or put up a website; they gave us guidance on how to best demonstrate our strengths to the world.
Enodo Rights
They foster good communication and make sure both teams are on the same page. Their support makes it much easier for us to make informed decisions.
National Alliance of State & Territorial AIDS Directors (NASTAD)
Their exceptional communicative style made this project run more smoothly than I've experienced with other vendors; they were open, honest, and clear, which are incredibly beneficial to the successful execution of a project.
Climate Central
Radish Lab takes an amazing, holistic approach to client work. They were extremely adept at helping us develop our vision for the site, keeping to our established schedule, and finding creative solutions for any obstacles that arose. They are highly talented, motivated, and exceptionally personable.
Family Online Safety Institute
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