Family Online Safety Institute

Designing an online framework to resonate with two distinct audiences

As the go-to resource for analysis and information regarding online safety for kids and their families around the world, FOSI provides both policymakers and parents with the tools, information, and resources to make informed decisions.

We focused on building out a comprehensive experience centered around distinct audience needs, while also building our understanding of where there were common through lines. With the new framework, both policymaker and parent could engage effectively with resources tailored to their specific needs, while being provided with the opportunity to easily navigate between these two distinct sections of the site.

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Radish Lab takes an amazing, holistic approach to client work. They were extremely adept at helping us develop our vision for the site, keeping to our established schedule, and finding creative solutions for any obstacles that arose. They are highly talented, motivated, and exceptionally personable.
Family Online Safety Institute
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