Getting a website moving at the speed of SaaS

Wheel hub and spokes

Targeting a SaaS product at the right audience. And making it stick.

Fulcrum makes an intuitive app that enables businesses to collect field data with no-code mobile apps. These apps can instantly be deployed for use, and collect data without an internet connection.

We worked closely with Fulcrum to reposition their app, provide a consistent design, and help them create messaging that resonates with their ideal audience, giving them a web experience you’d expect for an innovative SaaS product.

Wide functionality. Narrow audience.

Rather than showing features first, we targeted who would benefit from using Fulcrum.

Each page was reorganized to prioritize that information. Then target audiences could learn exactly how Fulcrum solves their industry-specific problem.

The new value propositions convey the benefits clearly, and the most persuasive points are emphasized.

Consistent branding. Coherent message.

Compelling copy works best with a realized and thought-out approach to design. We improved visual consistency across the website, building a distinct brand image among the competition. Strong visuals of the app were designed to demonstrate the app’s use cases with clarity.

    Users can find everything they need to know without effort, because the site navigation is clear and the UX is smooth and intuitive. Visuals explain what words can’t.

    Elevating the web experience from simple design to meaningful lead gen strategy.

    It all comes together in harmony with their lead generation strategy.

    We developed a library with a mix of gated and non-gated resources for Fulcrum to use as lead magnets.

    To further iron out acquisition, we created a better onboarding process by extensive user testing and tweaking the results.

    Our work with Fulcrum is ongoing. We provide continual updates to the website, tracking soft conversions, optimizing CTAs, and making a visually appealing resource center.

    our process


    Designing a website that aligns perfectly with the fast-paced SaaS space.


    Tweaking and optimizing pages for maximum efficacy.


    Prioritizing the most pertinent points with user-targeted design.


    Providing on-going support with the lead generation strategy.

    The results

    A strong creative process from start to finish

    Bold and consistent branding that leaves an impression, and user-friendly UX that provides effortless navigation.

    A strategy aligned with their marketing funnel

    A highly-optimized and refined lead generation strategy.

    A user-centric approach to design

    Value propositions that engage users from multiple industries with clearly highlighted product benefits for each audience.
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