Architecting a sustainable, digital landscape

Driving sustainability at scale.

LandScale came to us as a new project that had the potential to catalyze landscape sustainability. The goal of our partnership would be to design a seamless, easy-to-use experience across their website and assessment platform that could: enable companies, governments, and individuals to understand their impact and how to make sustainability improvements at scale.

Echoing landscapes in design.

We used LandScale’s logo as inspiration for their website’s look and feel. We wanted to combine environmental cues with a sleek and streamlined look similar to a Saas website to create an accessible, interesting, and relaxing experience while guiding the user through complex ideas.

We didn’t want the user to feel as if the tool was only relevant in particular regions or landscapes, so rather than featuring photographs, we designed global illustrations to add interest and meaning around the features and opportunities.

Mapping insights from landscapes around the world.

We designed a simple, beautiful map to show the breadth of LandScale’s partners globally. It was important for the front and back end of the website to provide an easy experience, and one for which LandScale staff could independently add in new data points, and the audiences could view all landscapes and be guided toward registration.

Telling a compelling story.

We helped LandScale tell their story in a way that would make it easy for companies and governments to understand why they would want to partner with LandScale: Explaining what the tool does, and how it would benefit them.

We knew that there were a lot of potential use cases and users who would approach the website from a variety of perspectives: From a representative of a major corporation creating a shareholder report, to one of a highly specific Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative who needs to make the case for investment. We wanted to help each user understand what specific value they could get out of working with LandScale.

Designing a complex tool.

We collaborated with LandScale to build the technical assessment process itself, to help their users understand impact over time. The assessment framework provides a holistic set of performance indicators organized into four pillars: ecosystems, governance, human well-being, and production. It is designed to be globally relevant, and tailorable to different landscapes and stakeholders.

The result of the assessment is a beautifully designed PDF that individuals, organizations, governments and businesses can use to understand their impact and progress, advocate for policy change, as well as access resources to mitigate their impact.

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